King of the Hunter Race Results + Tracking Naming Rights

King of the Hunter Race Results + Tracking Naming Rights

Cars will be GPS tracked live for safety and to check vehicles stay within the course route. This tracking system also allows us continued updates on per car racing time allowing us to compute a leader board showing how each team ranks at any time.

This leader board will feature regularly in the live coverage of the event broadcast to a TV the size of a truck at the venue and direct to the internet around the globe. The commentary team will refer the the “YOUR NAME Race Results” throughout three days of action packed racing.

Teams and their crew will be very keen on the results as they’ll need to know if they are progressing well to that all important King of the Hunter first place position.

This is a great opportunity to get your performance driven brand in the eyes and mind of the results driven follower. Why not associate your business with the precision and advanced technology of our vehicle tracking system by contacting us right now!


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