King of the Hunter Naming Rights Sponsor

King of the Hunter Naming Rights Sponsor

Change the name of the game! Change it to your name with the King of the Hunter Naming Rights sponsor package.

This is the ultimate business branding option for your business. Just like “Tough Dog” has become synonymous with the Tuff Truck Challenge this is your chance to marry your brand to King of the Hunter.


  • Logo branded with Official KOH logo in all positions – website, trophies, advertising (inc. billboards), winners cheques, shirt breast & baseball cap front, online videos, etc.
  • Base Sponsor Pack – no addons
  • Large logo at top-back of Official event Shirt
  • Newsletter blast to entire Tuff Events & Promotions database
  • Facebook sales message on ULTRA4 Racing Page
  • Event Program Full Page advert
  • 10 x 10 Exhibition Area – includes 240v power
  • Show Bag insertion – A4 or small A4/A5 catalog
  • Track Signage – core flutes – banners (maximum 25 of 900x600mm core flute signs and maximum 10 of 3 metre x 1 metre banners)

Naming Rights sample


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