King of the Hunter LIVE Coverage Naming Rights

King of the Hunter LIVE Coverage Naming Rights

Introduced at the 2014 Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge was the Tuff Telly (a television the size of a truck) and Live Stream (on course action direct to the web). Whilst we had some difficulties in 2014 & 2015 at Tuff Truck due to the nature of an outdoor event in a remote area without constant power, internet connectivity and covering a large area in the Australian bush, I am proud to say that we have now solved all communications & power issues with a fully secure waterproof setup to bring the required internet connection.

Created LIVE and shown directly to the captive audience at the event and streaming to the internet will be the “YOUR NAME” Live Coverage.

Working all weekend will be a team of professional videographers, production crew and commentators the presentation will be of high quality. This years Tuff Truck (TTTV) broadcast received much positive feedback with many comments about it being on par with live commercial television.

A Tuff Truck survey showed that 75.76% of the viewers recalled the sponsors of the broadcast a week after the event.

With our connection to Dave Cole's American ULTRA4 Racing events (in particular, King of the Hammers) and the border less natural of the internet, this is a great opportunity to gain national & international exposure for your brand.

As the broadcast partner, your brand will be spoken throughout the broadcast by the commentators and feature permanently onscreen beside the official event logo. The website housing the LiveStream will also heavily feature your brand with click-thru to your own website.


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