View the 2018 Tough Dog King of the Hunter course layout. ( subject to change )

The track is absolutely awesome, with a great mix of high speed trails, tight turns & challenging rock trails (but not too difficult for UTV’s).

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Minimum Laps

A fixed amount of laps are required to be completed within each race.


6 laps/66km are required on Saturday’s race’s with a 1.5hr cut off time. Sundays race will be a 9 Laps/99km with a cut off time of 2hrs.

Winch/Tuff Truck

5 laps/55km will be required in Races 1 & 2.

Laps and Km’s are subject to change based on lap times from qualification session.

The course main is just under 11km long. Course & Schedule subject to change for better flow depending on teams, weather and other factors.