Are you ready for Australia’s Toughest 4×4 Offroad Race?

What is ULTRA4 Racing?

ULTRA4 Racing requires the balance of building a vehicle to go fast while being strong enough to crawl tough rock obstacles – it’s a fantastic challenge at all levels. King of the Hunter will also include UTV/SXS, Tuff Truck/Winch classes for a full weekend of extreme racing action.


Class: UTV

UTV (Utility Task Vehicle)

UTV is defined as a standard production based side by side SXS / 2 or more seat vehicle. This vehicle class has been popularised by UTVs like the Polaris RZR and the Arctic Cat Wildcat.

These are amazing to watch as they are surprising capable for an affordable entry into the world of motorsport. King of the Hunter is open to racing production UTVs.


Tuff Truck/Winch

A competition 4WD vehicle designed to meet Winch Challenge or Tuff Truck Challenge event rules and regulations. These vehicles are typically heavily modified production 4×4 vehicles with increased ground clearance and safety features to compete within time limits on extreme terrain. It’s great to see all the hardened variations, to once road-worthy vehicles that are common on Australian roads, to take on extreme terrain.

At King of the Hunter it will be very interesting to see how these vehicles perform in fast offroad racing and on the rocks with the added pressures of multiple vehicles on the same course at the same time.

Class: ULTRA4


Originating from the deserts of America these dual purpose race rigs are becoming very popular very fast – it seems like a new ULTRA4 is been built every week. While vehicle numbers are currently small in Australia we are expecting to see this class grow quickly and in 2016 will attract overseas teams to take on Australia’s Toughest 4×4 Offroad Race.

These cars are not limited on tyre size, engine or chassis design, other than to meet the safety requirements for the class. Unlimited cars must have a transfer case and be able to be driven in 4WD. These vehicles must be equally capable at offroad racing and rock crawling to be competitive.

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What is King of the Hunter?

“King of the Hunter” is the Australian leg of the toughest single day race in the world – the “King of the Hammers” (from the Johnson Valley, California USA). It takes place at the Tuff Truck Challenge location in Milbrodale in the NSW Hunter Valley 7-8-9th September 2018 – that’s 3 days of 4×4 offroad racing.

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The race course is 11km long with a mix of rock crawling sections and long fast runs out along paddock trails. Racing against each other and the clock, 3 different vehicles classes compete in “Australia’s Toughest 4×4 Offroad Race” to find out who is the “King of the Hunter”.