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TEAM: Anything Mechanical Motorsport

Anything Mechanical Motorsport

Anything Mechanical Motorsport is a Gold Coast based team made up of the driver Matt Jillett and Kerrod Willson.

We stared off just social wheeling and doing small comps. But with the ultra 4 scene really starting to advance we decided to jump on board and build a pro lite.

Together they built a 2001 Toyota Hilux running a 3.8L V6 with 14″ 2.0 Profender coilover shocks on each corner. With Nissan GU diffs it still runs a Tuff Truck spec chassis with and without panels so they can compete in all types of events.

Like most drivers the team aims to get as much seat time as possible and have recently been racing the AUST4 racing series in QLD, but to race at King of the Hunter, the team has made a milestone decision…

I’m really looking forward to King of the Hunter due to myself and my wife Karlie having cancelled our honeymoon just so I can race in September.

Now that’s commitment… to ULTRA4 Racing!

Karlie will be navigating for her dad – Brett from Thorpe Motorsport. So no doubt there will be some friendly family completion. She’ll also be there, with the rest of the family, supporting her brother Mitch (Thorpe Motorsport) racing in the ULTRA4 class.

We wish the newly-weds the best of luck for the King of the Hunter and life beyond.

Check out the team on Facebook as they prep for Australia’s Toughest 4×4 Offroad Race – got your tickets?

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We want you!

Will you be the King?

We know there are many teams out there prepping for racing this coming 25-27 September at King of the Hunter but they are yet to fill out any entry form. Why wait?

Enter your team now and start letting us build exposure for your team and sponsors. If you’re not ready yet, we still want to know. Keep us updated with your build progress and we’ll be your platform to a large and growing audience of 4×4 offroad racing fans.

With the addition of the “Kingpin Bonus” the total prize pool has grown to over $10,000 ($10,700 actually) making this one of the wealthiest offroad race events in Australia. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Check the Rules and then complete your entry now!

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Qualifying Naming Rights Sponsor: OPW

Off Road Performance Warehouse - Qualifying Naming Rights Sponsor

We welcome Offroad Performance Warehouse (OPW) in Sydney as Naming Rights Sponsor for Qualifying Day at the 2015 Tough Dog King of the Hunter. Qualifying takes place all day Friday and will be a huge day with lots of action all day long as cars are let off in intervals to explore the course under race conditions to determine the race starting order for the feature races the following days. As this is a new course (at a new event), the qualifying session will also be used to finalise the course design and number of laps. We want a tough track, but we don’t want to make it impossible – the aim is to have exciting 4×4 racing action for the full length of scheduled race times – no one wants a course full of broken vehicles half way through lap one.

OPW has worked closely with Tuff Events over the years and has been a long time stage sponsor of the OPW Travel Ramp at the annual Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge. OPW will also be on the course with the Team OPW ULTRA 10.4 driven by company owner Pete Antunac. This impressive vehicle took 12 months to build and debuted earlier this year at the famed King of the Hammers in America. Peter has entered the 10.4 in a few local events and stunned everyone at the sheer speed & capabilities of this IFS + IRS, front & rear steer beast – but unfortunately has yet to finish a race due to minor teething issues. He’s hoping for a clean sweep at the Tough Dog King of Hunter and aims to have crack at the ULTRA4 class Kingpin Bonus.

The Offroad Performance Warehouse is a natural fit for ULTRA4 Racing Australia, apart from having their own ULTRA4, they are importers of many high-performance competition grade offroad 4×4 parts – Interco Tyres, PRP Seats, Fox Shox, Advance Adapters Transfer Cases, PSC – Performance Steering Components, and even the tools from JD Squared to bend and notch rollcages. All serious offroad competitors buy from OPW – visit online ( or phone 1300 679 494.

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Kingpin Bonus

Kingpin Bonus

Make no doubts about it, King of the Hunter is a race! The toughest 4×4 Offroad Race in Australia – to finish this race will be a test of both talent, team stamina and vehicle reliability. While teams are welcome to drive at their own pace, to wear King of the Hunter crown teams in each class will need to put together something special. King of the Hunter is about being prepared to take on both the rough offroad rocks with precision while not being afraid to push the pedal on the long straights to pull away from the pack – and then do this consistently lap after lap for the duration of each race.

Winning one race might be luck, winning another and you’ll earn respect of the teams in the pits and the spectating fans – but if you win all 3 races over the weekend you can consider yourself a Kingpin! From that moment on you’ll become the benchmark. You’ll have a target on your back as teams go home in envious rage ready to come back and make sure it doesn’t happen a second time. Tall poppy syndrome at it’s finest.

Go Hard!

King of the Hunter is a race, a hard race, and we want to encourage teams who go hard! The Kingpin Bonus is a unique prize only won by a single team in each class able to pull of the feat of getting the fastest qualifying run and then follow up with back-to-back wins on Race Day 1 and Race Day 2. The Kingpin Bonus will boost your total winnings with an additional $1,000.00!

Kingpin Winnings

Kingpin Winnings = Qualifying Win + Class Win + Kingpin Bonus


$3,900 = $400 + $2,500 + $1,000


$2,300 = $200 + $1,100 + $1,000


$1,900 = $150 + $750 + $1,000

Rise to the Challenge

Check the Rules and then complete your entry now!

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Where? When? How Much?

ULTRA4 Racing Video

What you need to know about the King of the Hunter – the basics


The same location as the annual Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge in Milbrodale, Hunter Valley NSW (about 2.5 hrs drive from Sydney).
See driving directions.


Fri 23 – Sun 25 September 2016.
See Race Schedule.

How Much

3 day weekend passes with camping included are just $110 for Adults.
See all ticket options.


King of the Hunter is a unique motorsport event in the Hunter Valley marrying go fast racing with challenging offroad rock crawling. It’s Australia’s Toughest 4×4 Offroad Race testing both teams and machines all weekend long.
See the website for more details and follow us on Facebook.

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What is King of the Hunter?

From the team behind the highly successfully and consistently-growing Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge, Tuff Events & Promotions Australia brings ULTRA4 Racing to Australia with “King of the Hunter”.

“King of the Hunter” is the Australian leg of the toughest single day race in the world – the “King of the Hammers” (from the Johnson Valley, California USA).


The Tough Dog King of the Hunter is at the same great location in the Hunter Valley used by the Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge for over a decade. At Welshes Road, Milbrodale utilising 2 huge paddocks and rocky mountains shadowed beneath towering cliffs both camping and motorsport combine for 3 days of exciting offroad 4×4 racing action. See driving instructions.


The last weekend in September (25-27th) with gates opening to fans on Friday at 8am. With racing action everyday you’ll want to stay the entire weekend. See the proposed schedule.


Get your weekend pass online now. Weekend passes also include camping or you can come for a single day with passes available at the gate (cash only, NO EFTPOS).


Entries are open to teams wanting to prove if they have what it takes to be the King of the Hunter! Enter now.

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Naming Rights Sponsor: Tough Dog

We are ecstatic to announce that Tough Dog 4×4 Suspension has taken the ultimate sponsorship package to become the Naming Rights sponsor of the 2016 King of the Hunter. The event will now ben know as the “Tough Dog King of the Hunter”.

Simon Vella from Tough Dog had this to say about why they choose to partner with Tuff Event & Promotions Australia to help bring ULTRA4 Racing to Australia:

“The international interest in the King of the Hunter gives Tough Dog the opportunity to expose our brand to the international community while at the same time supporting Australian Off-road racing in moving to an international stage. We want to align our brand of premium touring and recreational products with the premium events in Australia.”

Not only will Tough Dog be visually associated with the event through the addition of their logo to the offical King of the Hunter logo, they will enjoy prime position in the exhibition area to showcase their latest range of suspension products.

David Cook from Tough Dogs Exports & Marketing department had this to say about their plans for a stand at the King of the Hunter:

“We’ll also be showcasing the new suspension kits for the MQ Mitsubishi Triton Dual cab, which is being developed as we speak. The Rock Dog Coilovers designed for off-road rock crawling applications will be a big draw card at this event.”

There marketing efforts will be boosted with the opportunity of extensive prime on-track signage positions and a eDM newsletter blast to all Tuff Events followers.

Many offroad fans will already be familiar with Tough Dog brand as they are a long-time sponsor of the famous Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge. It is great to see their continued commitment to supporting quality offroad motorsport events.

Support those who support the sport: Check out the Tough Dog website and find out which set of their reliable suspension options will work best for your 4×4.

If your interested in boosting your brand at this upcoming event, check out our remaining sponsorship opportunities now.

About Tough Dog

Tough Dog suspension is an industry leader in innovative and quality suspension systems for just about every 4WD application. With 29 years in business, and a combined experience of over 100 years, every Tough Dog product is researched and developed in Australia in their Sydney based headquarters.

Tough Dog has been “making tracks across the world” since 1985 and have grown rapidly as a result of the excellent reputation their quality gear commands. Today, Tough Dog products are sought after the world over, and the distribution network spans 32 countries around the world. With some of the harshest conditions right here in Australia to test out products, the gear that makes it to the market is a cut above the rest.

Tough Dog’s pioneering attitude to R&D has resulted in them leading the way with several unique products. The Return To Centre and the ‘SV’ adjustable steering damper are two great examples of the results of the team’s unique thinking when it comes to making the best offroad suspension system available. The hard yards, and hours perfecting their range of shocks and springs were officially recognised when the Tough Dog 41mm Foam Cell Shock was awarded first place in independent shock absorber testing by Australian 4WD Action Magazine.

The guys at Tough Dog are passionate about all things 4WD, and are committed to investing in the strength of the Australian Offroad Industry. The King of the Hunter represents a new level for Aussie Off-Road racing. In 2015, Tough Dog continues their commitment to supporting Australian Off-road motor racing and the off-road community with their support of this unique and competitive Off-Road race. For your nearest Tough Dog dealer, check out Tough Dog website